Forest Vet is a leading livestock and veterinary supplies manufacturer and exporter, have own workshops for plastics production and metal processing, especially keep strengths in Artificial Insemination and Cattle/Dairy Supplies, offer comprehensive animal husbandry & stock breeding selection from China. Up to now, we have exported our products to most countries, serve as one-stop supply center for every client, and try best to bring more values, efficiencies and conveniences.

We have covered a large range of livestock and veterinary supplies as follows:
1) Animal Identification
2) Artificial Insemination
3) Cattle Supply
4) Dairy Supply
5) Equine Supply
6) Pig Supply
7) Sheep Supply
8) Vet Supply
9) Farm Supply
10) Fence Supply
11) Others

Our professional R&D experts always put new concepts and new products to expand our product lines. Feedback from our clients and field experiences, as well as technical research give us the edge in acquiring the best products. Continuing in our spirit of innovation, we are committed to supplying leading-edge livestock and veterinary products.